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What is Pilates?

Pilates is a body-conditioning method developed in the last century by Joseph Pilates. It builds strength from the inside out, working deep muscle groups through smooth and controlled movements (it was originally called “contrology” as in the ability to control movement).

Benefits of Pilates:

Pilates increases core stability, flexibility and joint range of movement, and it improves balance and posture, offering relief from aches and pains. Pilates is also a great support during or after treating an injury, and because it re-educates the body and corrects wrong habits, it’s an ideal form of exercise for injury prevention. Ultimately it enables you to move pain-pain free and enjoy the daily activities you love.

Who can do it?

Pilates is for everyone. The greatness of the method is that it can be adapted to suit personal needs, from rehabilitation to toning to getting generally fitter. Athletes and dancers do Pilates as a support for their cardiovascular specific training; older people do it to keep their body functional and efficient; pregnant women do it during and after pregnancy, to maintain strength and quickly regain their figure. Pilates is also a great way for everyone to generally de-stress, revitalize, and re-energize the body.

I have been attending classes with Mara and Mike for a couple of months now. All are nothing short of amazing. They are dedicated teachers with an incredible attention to details. I was recommended Pilates practice by a local osteopath and their classes have been crucial in helping me getting over a back injury I suffered from. I cannot recommend them enough! – Angelina J.

Retreat 2022

2020 would have been our 5th consecutive year running retreats abroad, but unfortunately, because of the Covid-19 pandemic, we had to cancel. Click below if you want to find out more about our Cyprus retreats in general, and feel free to contact us if you are interested in joining us next year.


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