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Pilates Studio Greenwich Blackheath Testimonials reviews“Pilates matwork and reformer sessions at Pilates and Rehab are always interesting, just the right level of challenge, with clear instruction and delightful teachers, helping us become significantly fitter, more flexible and stronger!” (Jon and Alison F.)

“I can’t rate the team at Pilates and Rehab high enough. The in depth knowledge and understanding that all of their instructors have is invaluable and has helped greatly me in my recovery from a back injury. So much so that my injury doesn’t get in the way of anything that I want to do now. They’ve inspired me so much that I now want to train to teach in Pilates myself!” (Izi F.)

“I have been attending classes there for a couple of months now. I attended classes with Vicky on Mondays, Sophie on Wednesdays and Mara on Thursdays. All are nothing short of amazing. They are dedicated teachers with an incredible attention to details. I was recommended Pilates practice by a local Osteopath and their classes have been crucial in helping me getting over a back injury I suffered from. I cannot recommend them enough!” (Angelina J.)

“I have very much enjoyed both my one to one sessions with Mike and classes with Mara. Both of them are careful and articulate teachers and excellent at making sure you start off with things you can do safely, before helping you to progress. They both create a very positive and friendly environment to learn in if you are looking to build flexibility and strength safely. I also like that they are both open about their own learning and continuing professional development . I have recommended to several of my friends and will continue to do so” (Helen J.)

“I can’t rate this place highly enough. I have been seeing Mara for one-to-one sessions for a number of months following pregnancy and surgery. Mara has been excellent from the very first session. She listened to my concerns carefully and got in touch with my healthcare professionals to fully understand my issues. She tailors each lesson so that I have got noticeably stronger and am now pain-free. What I love about my lessons is that they have loads of variety; Mara explains each exercise fully and demonstrates by showing the correct movement and also the incorrect movement so you know exactly what to do; and lastly Mara is a genuinely lovely person – very friendly, happy, relaxed and easy to talk to. She wants to get the best out of her pupils and pushes you within the limits of what you can do. I would never go anywhere else” (Linda G.W.)

“Thank you for your guidance and patience. I have completely enjoyed your reformer classes – the highlight of my week! I love your clarity of instruction, your grace and your humor” (Chris G.)

“I thought the class was wonderful; Elina was very knowledgeable and professional. It was a great way to get back into it after 4 years off and have now renewed my addiction!” (Samantha W.)

“Really enjoyed this matwork class with Luisa. She always puts on classical music in the classes which adds to the serene atmosphere! The use of foam rollers and other equipment challenged the class just that little bit further. I felt like I’d worked hard yet I left the class feeling very calm and refreshed!” (Jenny T.)

“A good Pilates instructor must be well educated in anatomy and well trained in classical Pilates. A great Pilates teacher meets those criteria and is smart and intuitive enough to assess your body each session and adjust the hour accordingly. Mara is a great Pilates teacher” (Cynthia P.)

“Great class [with Sophie]! Really enjoyed the lower ab exercise” (Tim B.)

“I have been working with Mike for the last two months to deal with my painful knee. Mike has been clear, concise, and very honest about my condition and about how to achieve my rehab goals. I am happy to say that my symptoms have severely reduced and I now feel much stronger and in control of my knee” (Samir H.)

“Mara is a great teacher, her lessons are always well structured, have aPilates Studio Greenwich Testimonials what others think good balance of support and challenge and are tailored to suit. Ever watchful she is quick to point out if you are doing an exercise incorrectly so you really get the most out of each session. In summary Mara is a pleasure to work with and I would highly recommend her” (Justine C.)

“I suffered from lower back pain on and off for about five years. Michael treated my pain, but also explained to me that it was only with strengthening through correct exercise that I would be able to have long term results. He introduced me to the concept of Pilates and started me off with the basics. I am now pain free!” (Alexi F.)

“I have dislocated my shoulder more times than I can remember. I once sneezed and it popped out. After the arthroscopy I spent five months with Mike doing intensive rehab work and I now feel that I can punch through a wall. Top dog” (George F.)