Pilates studio classes Greenwich South East London Mat Reformer

Below you’ll find a timetable of Pilates lessons available at our Greenwich studio. Follow the links to sign up for classes directly online!

As we work in small groups of maximum 4 people for reformer classes and 8 people for mat classes, it is important to book your space in advance. We have an online booking system, click here to see how it works.

Private sessions are available upon request at your preferred day and time (upon availability).

Not sure which class is right for you? Click here for more info or send us an email and we’ll be happy to help!

All group classes last one hour.


Timetable Monday
Monday11:15Matwork for Seniors1MaraNone or Private classBOOK NOW
Monday12:30Matwork2MaraMatwork level 1 classesBOOK NOW
Monday13:45Studio SessionAllMaraPrivate classN/A
Monday18:00Back Health MatworkIntro/1VickyNone or Private classBOOK NOW
Monday18:00ReformerIntroMikeNoneBOOK NOW
Monday19:10Reformer1MikePrivate class or Intro classesBOOK NOW
Monday19:10Matwork1VickyNone or Private classBOOK NOW
Monday20:20Studio SessionAllMikePrivate classN/A
Timetable Tuesday
Tuesday12:30Reformer1JenPrivate class or Intro classesBOOK NOW
Tuesday14:30Studio SessionAllJenPrivate classN/A
Tuesday18:00Studio SessionAllRiccardoPrivate classN/A
Tuesday19:10Reformer1RiccardoPrivate class or Intro classesBOOK NOW
Tuesday20:20Reformer2RiccardoReformer level 1 classesBOOK NOW
Timetable Wednesday
Wednesday11:45Studio SessionAllMikePrivate classN/A
Wednesday18:00Studio SessionAllMikePrivate classN/A
Wednesday19:10Reformer2MikeReformer level 1 classesBOOK NOW
Wednesday19:15Matwork2SophieMatwork level 1 classesBOOK NOW
Wednesday20:20Reformer1MikePrivate class or Intro classesBOOK NOW
Wednesday20:20Matwork1SophieNone or Private classBOOK NOW
Timetable Thursday
Thursday12:00Matwork for Seniors1MaraNone or Private classBOOK NOW
Thursday13:15Reformer1MaraPrivate class or Intro classesBOOK NOW
Thursday18:00Back Health MatworkIntro/1LuisaNone or Private classBOOK NOW
Thursday18:00Reformer1VickyPrivate class or Intro classesBOOK NOW
Thursday19:10ReformerIntroVickyNoneBOOK NOW
Timetable Friday
Friday07:15Reformer1MikePrivate class or Intro classesBOOK NOW
Friday09:15Reformer2MikeReformer level 1 classesBOOK NOW
Timetable Saturday
Saturday10:00Reformer1HaeyeonPrivate class or Intro classesBOOK NOW
Saturday10:00Matwork1RiccardoNone or Private classBOOK NOW
Saturday11:10Reformer2HaeyeonReformer level 1 classesBOOK NOW
Saturday11:10Matwork2RiccardoMatwork level 1 classesBOOK NOW
Timetable Sunday
Sunday10:00Reformer1AmiPrivate class or Intro classesBOOK NOW
Sunday11:10Reformer2AmiReformer level 1 classesBOOK NOW


Other classes run directly by the teachers

Please contact them directly for more info about prices and bookings.

These classes are held in the matwork studio downstairs - entrance on 81 Lassell Street
Monday20:20Barre-FitVicky Ford – vicky_ford_619@hotmail.co.uk – 07840525290
Tuesday20:00YogaKatherine Cox – www.ravenyoga.co.uk – katherine@ravenyoga.co.uk – 07760284366
Saturdayfrom 12:30Ballet for KidsAngelina Jandolo Dance – www.angelinajandolodance.com – info@angelinajandolodance.com – 07794201531