Below you’ll find a timetable of Pilates classes available at our Greenwich studio.

Private sessions are available upon request at your preferred day and time (upon availability). All classes last one hour.

As we work in small groups of maximum 4 people for reformer classes and 8 people for mat classes, it is important to book your space in advance. Press on BOOK NOW in the table below, to sign up for classes directly online!

Not sure which class is right for you? Click here for more info or send us an email and we’ll be happy to help!

DayTimeClass and levelTeacherPre-requisitesBook
Monday1230Mat level 2MaraMat level 1BOOK NOW
Monday1345Studio sessionMaraPrivate classN/A
Monday1800Mat level 2LisaMat level 1BOOK NOW
Monday1800Reformer introMikeNoneBOOK NOW
Monday1910Mat level 1LisaNoneBOOK NOW
Monday1910Reformer level 1MikeReformer introBOOK NOW
Monday2020Studio sessionMikePrivate classN/A
Tuesday1415Studio sessionAlessandraPrivate classN/A
Tuesday1800Studio sessionRiccardoPrivate classN/A
Tuesday1910Reformer level 1RiccardoReformer introBOOK NOW
Tuesday2020Reformer level 2RiccardoReformer level 1BOOK NOW
Wednesday0915Reformer level 1/2MikeReformer level 1BOOK NOW
Wednesday1145Studio sessionMikePrivate classN/A
Wednesday1910Mat level 2LisaMat level 1BOOK NOW
Wednesday1910Reformer level 2KimReformer level 1BOOK NOW
Wednesday2020Mat level 1LisaNoneBOOK NOW
Wednesday2020Reformer level 1KimReformer introBOOK NOW
Thursday1200Mat for seniorsLuisaNoneBOOK NOW
Thursday1315Reformer level 1LuisaReformer introBOOK NOW
Thursday1800Mat back healthMikeNoneBOOK NOW
Thursday1800Reformer level 1VickyReformer introBOOK NOW
Thursday1910Reformer introVickyNoneBOOK NOW
Friday0800Reformer level 1MikeReformer introBOOK NOW
Friday0915Reformer level 2MikeReformer level 1BOOK NOW
Saturday1000Reformer level 1/2LisaReformer introBOOK NOW
Saturday1110Mat level 1/2LisaMat level 1BOOK NOW
Sunday1000Reformer level 1LisaReformer introBOOK NOW
Sunday1110Reformer level 2LisaReformer level 1BOOK NOW

Other classes run directly by the teachers

Please contact them directly for more info about prices and bookings. These classes are held in our basement studio – entrance on 81 Lassell Street.

DayTimeClassTeacherContact – 07900911682 - Instagram Louise_ambarre
Tuesday2000 - – 07760284366
Sunday1030-1330Hypnobirthing & antenatal birth preparation workshopLucy and Gabriella - – 07862727315
Throughout the weekam + pm at different timesBallet for – 07794201531